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It is strange not that modern people a reference to life wisdom, often refers to those who return to the natural "lay."
Those who enjoy the vain world of vulgar literati, see through the Red, collected ideas and escape into the mountains. Donglei wine, Dutch hoe and return to the wilderness of the vegetation under the shade, a belt of fluttering complacency of people, constitute the "pastoral music" scene, as if "life wisdom" synonymous. As for the city, as if only the smell of greed and fatigue is full of copper, the sight of wisdom nowhere to be found.
People often mistakenly believe that the enjoyment of natural life wisdom can only be found in the wild, and fled to Linquan directly equivalent. As a result, some people give up hiding into the Nanshan, it was bookstores open to remote villages and fine-sounding name "Bishan plan", and all want to take the scene of the green mountains and rivers of life wisdom to show their public. The city's busy, really do not ask for it? Not so much the city busy, it is better to say people empty. "A person read the night rain, no one told, is lonely; only told a person, is love; made a micro-Bo 'If you are well, is sunny', is hypocritical, but also our time ... ... "We are indulging in the interaction, enjoy other people's attention and praise, the actual is to conceal the inner emptiness, to conceal Liang Wen-dao said" huge and desolate loneliness. " This is under the guise of microblogging seek echo and resonance. If asked why run to the countryside? One is through the use of external force, with the mountain's heavy, clear water to arouse the bottom of the heart, to find the initial understanding of life; the other is to find a place without wireless network, forced abstinence.

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